The most thought-provoking expo in Asia

CET is not only Taiwan’s largest cultural and creative trade and exhibition platform, it is also expanding its scale in 2019-2020 to introduce the concept of double cultural axes of the capital city, call for the arts and cultural communities to jointly participate, facilitate interdisciplinary cooperation, and reinvent the urban pulses through cultural actions, hoping that CET can become the city’s perennial cultural celebration.
CET invites a wide range of diverse domestic and international brands, buyers, and distribution channels, to participate in the expo and exchange annually. From selection of outstanding participating brands to establishment of professional trade platform for business matching, CET not only facilitates vertical dialogues through the industry chain, but also strives for horizontal market diffusion to encourage collective and interdisciplinary cooperation, as more established brands join forces with smaller brands to participate in the expo; through cultural thinking, the industrial dimension is enhanced and promoted to cultural life, achieving interdisciplinary brainstorming across industries.
CET offers exhibitors, buyers, and the general public an exhibition platform of “Culture x Creativity X Design” Trends, where they can experience Taiwan’s diverse local cultural features, while also promoting Taiwan’s leading quality lifestyle among Chinese-speaking regions, in order to grasp and leverage on the strengths of lifestyle trends and realize them in the daily living and consumption of people in Taiwan.
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