Upon entering the 10th anniversary, the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan (CET) summons cultural momentum and gathers legacies of experiences to present the annual theme of “Supermicros” as a symbol of Taiwan as an island emerged from micro mechanisms of beliefs, refining Taiwan’s cultural diversity from natural environment, cultural ecology and industrial technology. This is an era that calls for the creation of consensus. Engendering actions and advancing the wisdom of cultural evolution through consensus, we place our faith in the superpower of consensus convergence. The three CET main exhibition sections are curated based on the practice of “business and strategy oneness, technology accessibility, cultural economy and future vision.” The objective is to trigger cultural thinking and social innovation, to summon the integration of Taiwan’s technological power and story power, and to forge an innovatively participatory cultural festival that launches the CET as the most thought-provoking cultural festival in Asia.

The section of Cultural Concept – "Supermicros" at Huashan 1914 Creative Park comprehensively embodies the idea of “converging the power of beliefs” to herald a cultural scene of lively discussions. The Spiritual Pavilion – The Law of Beliefs will be a dynamic exhibition of immersive experiences mixing reality and virtuality. Analyzing everyday processes that Taiwanese people have more or less grown accustomed to, the exhibition develop formulae of beliefs to unveil the empathic moment of believing, and utilizes performances of rituals incorporated with experiential and cumulative data to bring forth a temple of co-creation that manifests the converging confidence of Taiwan. The Craft Concept Pavilion – Craft Land re-defines craft and seeks answers and solutions for the future of craft. Local group exhibitions follow the concept of “in season” to emphasize on the Taiwanese spirit of embracing the harmony between heaven, earth and humanity. The General Pavilion unveils The Tropic of Cancer Route and connects the Chiayi Pavilion and the Hualien Pavilion along the east-west axis of Taiwan: the former presents Shine On the Infinity to interpret craftsmen’s down-to-earth character of revering and following nature, whereas the latter unveils a fantastic Hualien with TheTales from Where the Land Emerged that investigates the mythologies about mountains and seas. Collectively, the three pavilions introduce local wisdom, industrial forms and folk customs. #coopoflove brings the innovative mode of experience economy, transforming local ingredients and limited recipes into short-term experiences at a site of gathering to interpret Taiwan’s cultural gene of inclusion.

The section of Design – Super Design at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park brings together a wide range of brands with their visions for the future, and offers stories of emerging and established brands that reveal their journeys from seizing potential opportunities to creating commercial success in a data-assisted smart society, empowering all to strive for building consensus.

The section of Licensing – Super IP gathers original intellectual properties (IP), including original characters, illustration and digital entertainment inscribed by the language of the new generation. Each IP is itself a belief that reaches different communities and demassified markets while kindling innovative and new economic modes.

Culture is a superpower of convergence. "Supermicros" gazes into Taiwan’s diverse cultural momentum and utilizes empathetic collaboration as the curatorial belief to vigorously call for the creation of consensus. The exhibition theme combines digital life, natural wisdom, local experience and public participation to highlight the modern manifestations of Taiwanese culture, and interweaves “rituals, experiences and procedures” into a panoramic imaginative landscape to converge all the micro beliefs into a confident Taiwan as an essential member of the globe.

Key Vision Concept


Coding is the process of converting information into another format, and ritual is the way that humans give meaning to abstract things in the real world.

Both create meaning through conversion. The curatorial theme for this event is the commonality between coding and ritual, which is used as a visual entry point to explore the relationship between beliefs and data, so as to convey the value of mutual trust with culture.

The core visual concept of 2020 Creative Expo Taiwan is based on convergence, coding, and light.

Coding is visualized through small points and lines, and the condensed image is expressed in the form of converging light, representing data and belief.


Visual Coordinator

Visual Coordinator
Yen Po-Chun
Yen has been committed to the culture and music industry. His bountiful and diverse creative energy is embodied by his bold, humorous and sharp work. He was the visual director of multiple mega events and ceremonies, such as the 28th-30th Golden Melody Awards (2017-2019), 2019 National Games Taoyuan, 2018 Aesthetic Education Communication Book, and the solo exhibition “Looking Glass – Daniel Lee retrospective” of Taipei Fine Art Museum etc., and has won several international awards, such as iF Design Award and Red Dot Award.


Consultant Curator
Shu-Chang Kung
Professor Shu-Chang Kung studied architecture and design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and in 1997 established AURA Architects & Associates in Taipei. He is currently professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, and chairman of the board for the Chinese Society of Interior Designers (CSID). His work has received many international awards. Shu-Chang Kung has served as Taiwan’s representative at the Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture and at the Next-Gene 20 of the 11th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, both in 2008. He was also the chief curator of the “Taipei Pavilion” at the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture in 2011–2012 and of the “Harvest Blessings Pavilion”at the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo.
Chief Curator
Lin Kun Ying
Kun Ying Lin is co-founder of LuxuryLogico and creative director of Luxury Logi Co. Known as an interdisciplinary artist, cultural program director and curator, his practice mainly engages in theorizing contemporary topics, operating creative organizations, creating connections within the art industries and directing technology art performances. He is an active figure in practicing social co-creation in a wide range of disciplinaries. Lin was a director in Summer Universiade and its cauldron art performance; director of “Taichung World Flora Exposition—The Sound of Blooming”; chief curator of “Tainan Arts Festival: Flowing Feast”; artistic director of the 2020 Nuit Blanche Taipei. LuxuryLogico is the recipient of the Presidential Cultural Awards – Creativity and Innovation Award.
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