Culture Creative Award

To enhance the energy of Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry, honor outstanding creative talents, and encourage enterprises to value the importance of R&D in innovation, the Ministry of Culture has organized the “Cultural and Creative Award” since 2010. The award encourages innovation among Taiwanese industries through the competition in order to build a foundation for quality life in Taiwan, and strives to become the highest honor in Taiwan’s cultural and creative industry.

This year marks the 10th Cultural and Creative Award, and the evaluation will target products (works) by exhibitors of the “2020 Creative Expo Taiwan.” An international jury will review all exhibits onsite at the exhibition, so that the Cultural and Creative Award can differentiate itself from other prestigious design awards in Taiwan that have longer histories, and serve as an annual index for domestic and foreign expert buyers and participating citizens when purchasing cultural and creative products. Through the organization and recognition of the award, the Ministry aims to continue encouraging cultural and creative enterprises that focus on innovations and the building of business models, and propel the development of the cultural and creative industry in Taiwan.


Cultural and Creative Award: 30 winners.
Best Culture & Creative Award of the year: 5 winners selected from the 30 Cultural and Creative Award recipients above.


The deadline is 19 Feb. 2020. 。




application only( When filling in the exhibitor information, applying exhibitors may attach product (work) explanations in both Chinese and English and pictures of the products (works) to enter the competition.


Review and selection for the Cultural and Creative Award will be carried out in two phases, where domestic and overseas professionals and experts of the media, industry, procurement, trend study, and cultural and creative industry will be invited to form an interdisciplinary jury.


Media Exposure
Best Culture & Creative Award of the year (5 Winners)
  • Trophy
  • Certificate of merit
  • Priority to Creative Expo Taiwan
    and booth spaces
  • Sales and Display in Design Pin store
  • Winners’ booths will be labeled. Announcement will be made on the official website and Facebook page of Creative Expo Taiwan. Winners’ information will be Cultural and Creative Award released for media coverage.
  • 獎狀 1 式
  • 2020 年臺灣文博會成果專刊露出
  • 文創精品獎展售活動 1 場
  • 臺灣文博會官網露出
  • 臺灣文博會社群平台露出
  • 合作媒體及電子平台宣傳曝光
  • 獲獎攤位張貼標示



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