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Text/ Stanley Chen  Photo/Creative Expo Taiwan


MUSE Communication is representative of animation distributors in Taiwan, and have imported more titles than we can count. It had dealt with numerous titles and really fueled the animation lovers in Taiwan. For example, the recent hits including the movie“Demon Slayer” and the animation series“Pui Pui” are both distributed by them. This year marks the third time of the company’s attendance at the Expo, we’ll invite them to share with us their experiences on IP licensing and their observation of the distribution market.


Q: This is the third time MUSE Communication attends Creative Exo Taiwan. Could you share with us why you continue to attend? And what are the benefits the Expo bring to your company? Also, what are your observations of the IP Licensing Section?

A: Creative Expo Taiwan is a crucial platform for the IP industry as well as everything related to it. It offers a venue that connects Taiwan to the international scene, and at the same time increases the visibility of the Taiwan market. Every year, the Expo presents a different theme, introducing different elements and exhibitors to the show, which is extremely beneficial to invigorate the market. MUSE Communication continues to attend with the intention to show our support to government policy, to interact with players in the market, develop the market, create more opportunities for collaboration, and at the same time observe local and international IP market. In the meantime, we are also looking for collaborating partners to create more fun ideas for consumers. In the future, the market will be developing in the direction of introducing resources from different sources and cross-disciplinary collaboration. What it covers will be extremely vast, including merchandise, shows, music, books, films, restaurants, venues, spaces, exhibitions…etc. There is still plenty of room for development. We hope the collaboration between the private and public sectors will contribute to the prosperity of the market.


Q: Your recent titles “Demon Slayer” and “Pui Pui” earned great popularity in Taiwan. Could you share with us your strategy in selecting titles? How do you deal with titles that expected success or turns out to be successful unexpectantly? How do you push relatively obscure titles?

A: MUSE Communication carries about a hundred titles every year; we seek diversity, and hope to bring to the audience’s life joy, imagination, creativity and entertainment. The selection team will carefully make the selection according to the theme, voice actors, and the audience’s reaction to their trailers. The team will also make sure the categories are evenly spread, in order to meet the needs of different groups of fans. There is no distinguishing popular or obscure titles. As long as there are communities, events and platforms for them, we’ll seize every opportunity to make the works seen. For MUSE Communication, there is no such things as obscure titles. Each title has its audience. Even though there might not be a big market for it, it still has to be paid attention to, and every “child” taken care of. In terms of titles that unexpectedly gained enormous popularity, the team will also gather information with immediacy, and make swift adaptations and adjustment to meet the market change.


Q: What titles and events should the visitors look forward to for your exhibits? Could you give us a preview?

A: This year, we will bring joy and energy to the visitors. Apart from the recent hits “Demon Slayer” and “Pui Pui”, we will release another 12 high-quality, classic titles, including “Go Astro Boy Go!”, “Tanukitsu”, “Ultraman”, and“Kamen Rider”. We also planned a sales area where merchandise of “Demon Slayer”, “Gaspard and Lisa”, “Dayan” and more characters will be available, and secret special discount and other goodies will be there for fans to discover.


Fans can’t get enough of character merchandise-

Bugcat Capoo even has its own café!

Taiwanese artist’s “Bugcat Capoo” illustrates with simple, childlike style a curious and cute creature – Bugcat, and its friend. Though wordless manga, he hopes to create something that breaks the language barrier, and allow people from different countries to be able to laugh at the sight of these drawings. His cute, adorkable illustration has gained great popularity among the fans. The number of fans of his Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Channel fans has exceeded two million.


For such a cute character, it is obvious that the fans can’t be satisfied by only stickers. So recently, the artist has been actively developing the character’s merchandise. Apart from the standard rug dolls, there are also cookie gift set, lanterns for the Lantern Festival. There is also the collaboration with 7-11, launching reusable straws, double wall glasses…etc. All of those had set an impressive sales record. In 2019, “Capoohouse”, a café specifically created for the Bugcat was opened, in serving drinks, sweets and the Bugcat’s merchandise. The following year, the Foam Cat was singled out from the set, and “Foam Cat Cafe” was opened. The charm of character merchandise is undeniable!


Even prominent IP characters continue to seek media exposure-

Internationally acclaimed IP characters, all gather at Creative Expo Taiwan

Even though international interaction has slowed down due to the pandemic, that did not stop internationally acclaimed IP characters from convening at the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan to meet their fans. This edition of IP Licensing showcases brands including Sanrio, Beast Kingdom, SAN-BYTE CREATIVE, Jammy Global, Jiihao, Art-Zoo, Animation Entertainment, Medialink, LE INTL CORP, etc. They bring well-known characters like Hello Kitty, Melody, LINE FRIENDS, kanahei’s Small Animals, RODY, Sticky Monster Lab, Doraemon, LYCHEE & FRIENDS, Earth Granner…etc. Each and every one of them has a sacred place in the fans’ mind. From April 21st to 25th, they will be waiting for you at Creative Expo Taiwan!



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