Growing Level of Environmental Awareness – No Waste in Consumption

Text/ Stanley Chen
Photo/ Creativex Expo Tawian


Every purchase is a choice. As the earth starts ringing the alarm, trends of fast fashion fade, and people seek a better life through consumption, could we also starts contemplating on how to reduce the waste created in the process, and be more friendly to the planet earth?

In the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan, we noticed a new awareness rising: in the Design section at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, we noticed more and more of the exhibiting brands are dedicated to developing eco-friendly products for a circular economy, and are after a human-environment symbiosis.


Safe, non-toxic, and sleek / BesoVida silicone utensils

BesoVida was founded in Tainan. This is its first appearance at Creative Expo Taiwan. The brand name is Spanish, meaning “to kiss life.” Patrick, founder of the brand, is a father to three. Seeing the outbreak of food safety crisis, he decided to make use of the family’s expertise as a silicone manufacturer, and produce plastic-free silicone utensils that are both eco-friendly, safe and sleek. BesoVida dedicates itself to innovation and aspires to create products that return to the utensils’very fundamental, warm essence. It also avoids creating unnecessary waste in the production process. With all of its values combined, the brand launched a minimalist, practical bowel that can be put in both the freezer and the oven. One of the exhibits at this exhibition, BesoVida 100% Silicone Sustainable Tableware, fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Its hygienic one-piece design makes it easy to hold on to and easy to clean. In 2019, it raised over 13M NTD on crowdfunding platforms. The item is definitely one of the highlights of the show.



Retired but still working / Taipower reading lamp made from wooden crossarms

Taiwan Power company has a long history behind it. In 2018, the company launched its own brand – TPCreative. Upon the brand’s inception, it had integrated the idea of circular economy into its core values, and started rethinking what defined resources and waste; it started looking into the waste generated in the renovation process of electricity facilities, and started looking into how they can be put to use even when they were replaced. In answer to that, the brand launched coasters made from coal fly ash and lamp stand made from insulators. These characteristic products are well-received by the public. For the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan, the brand would be presenting Whims E010 lamp, a collaboration with META DESIGN. META DESIGN is known for reusing recycled wood to make furniture. The retired crossarms are now part of the reading lamp. It is still present, just in a different form.



An eco-friendly, fashionable lifestyle / ZERO GRAM paper-fiber canvas

“Every choice you make can determine the future of our planet.” The Tainan brand ZREO GRAM advocates a better lifestyle with paper; in their design process, they choose their materials carefully to really avoid contaminating the environment and truly implement their concept of “from zero to zero; take from nature, return to nature.” The paper fiber used in their products are both paper and fabric. 64% of it is made from FSC paper fiber and 36% cotton. In the manufacturing process, industrial oil is replaced by water, reducing pollution in the environment. The textile looks just like normal canvas. It’s equally durable and easy to clean, but lighter, which makes the trademark of the brand. The brand also collaborated with IMIN Tainan to sell its products in pop-up shops in Tsutaya Bookstores in Osaka and Hokkaido, Japan.



A second life for glass – HMM W Glass

HMM - a name surely familiar with stationery and cupware lovers. The brand’s value revolves around its slogan “Human - Mechanic – Method.” In 2019, the brand collaborated with Spring Pool Glass for the first time. Their joined effort made use of recycled glass and gave it a new life. W Glass was the product of their joined effort – an elegant, amber-colored utensil. It received great popularity upon its launch. The entirety of the product, and the die-casting, is made by local craftsmen.

The shape of the cup is inspired by the idea “everlasting growth.” The concept is manifested in the work by translating the twelve clock dials into twelve edges of the cup. Its rounded bottom allows the cups to be stacked up for storage. Also, its shape is designed in a way that makes it easy to clean. Their work integrated with the idea of “recycled, designed, and made in Taiwan” was awarded Best Design and Special Annual Award – Circular Design at Golden Pin Design Award in 2019. Successively, the brand also collaborated with renowned enterprises like LINE and Disney, and is highly acclaimed in both the design sector and consumer market. Last year, the brand launched the clear version of the cup. This year, a pink edition is scheduled to be launched for Mother’s Day. Pre-order starts in April. Come and get a glimpse of it at Creative Expo Taiwan.



A circular economy landscape / ChanZ Recycled marble-BUILDING BLOCKS SERIES

460 thousand tons equals your weight times 6.5M, or the accumulation of 350 thousand vehicles, or the aggregation of one year’s due of waste rock. The data disclosed on ChanZ’s official website is shocking. The brand considers itself to abide by the concept of sustainable design. All of the brand’s design is made with recycled marble. The rock is ground to dust, and then introduced into the circular economy in a new form. ChanZ believes that a good design is more than variations of shapes and functions; it also pertains to environmental protection and sustainability. The brand is focusing on developing desktop landscapes and home décor. In the 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan, they’ll also be presenting Building Block Series made from recycled marble. The designer of this piece borrows the idea of building blocks from his childhood, and models the design after them. The block-like set includes a pen stand, a paperweight, a tape dispenser, and a storage stand, allowing everyone to compose one’s own landscape on the desk.




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