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【Become an IP Master】4/22 10:30-12:30

10:30-10:40  Opening Remarks:Andy Yen, Founder of Freedom Men Art Apartments
10:40-11:20  What the Data Say:Cowper Wang, Director of dosomething studio
11:20-12:00  Start a Brand for IP Characters:Mark Chang, Director of Phalanx Creative
12:00-12:30  Panel Discussion、Q & A


【IP Ninjutsu! The Strategy for the Licensing Market】4/22 13:30-15:30

13:30-13:40   Opening Remarks:Chin-Yu Chen, CEO of Fandora
13:40-14:20  Diversified Development of an International IP Agency:KK Yang, General Manager of Beast Kingdom Co., Ltd.
14:20-15:00  BEERU's Journey: How Taiwan Bar Fosters IP Licensing via Informative Animation:Thomas Xiao, CEO of Taiwan Bar
15:00-15:30  Panel Discussion、Q & A



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