2021 CET is an exposition formed by all participants

A successful ending thanks to you all! 2021 Creative Expo Taiwan (2021 CET) marked the 10th anniversary as well as a turning point. Going through the challenge of pandemic in 2020, we got back on our feet this year. In the past ten years, the CET had been through several transformations because of time and space constraints and changed from a pure business exhibition held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center to an event located at three major venues, namely Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, and Taipei EXPO Park. The CET started to express certain issues and ideas through curation and involved regional cultural and creative businesses to build the Creative Expo Taiwan Fringe Shops, hoping to facilitate cultural and economic development via cultural issues. This year’s CET brought transformation and innovation again based on the past foundation. Transformation– The CET tried to include business exhibitions in the topic curation and added the sale of select goods to the curation, aiming to build a new exhibition mode accommodating both exhibitions and businesses through the “business and exhibition in one” approach. By doing so, businesses and exhibitions can complement each other and thrive. Curators of Main, Craft and Intro Exhibition Halls displayed select goods sale sections in different forms, respectively. The design brand business exhibition at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park displayed the visualization of retail business data, giving visitors access to the consumption trend in a post-pandemic era. The licensing business exhibition at Taipei EXPO Park involved both online and offline curatorial activities. The exhibition collected visitors’ IP character preference and picked out the Super IP after analyzing the real-time data. In addition, after the exposition, the online activity participant demographic information was provided to the exhibitors for the reference of future development. The marketing team re-interpreted the concept of “hipster” to reach out to non-hipsters and to wake the hipster spirit in their hearts, inviting both hipsters and non-hipsters to “Get Buy” at the CET. Such activities and approaches were the first for the CET, and there’s still room for improvement. We look forward to further transformations from the CET next year. Innovation – Since the event is named Creative Expo, the curation of 2021 CET emphasized multicultural values and the idea of co-creation. We invited experts from different fields to co-create the 2021 CET, covering design, lighting, sound, image, performing art, technology device, smell, plant, painting, stage design, food design, cuisine, mixed drink, and editing, etc. Meanwhile, the CET included the section that the world-circling Tropic of Cancer passes Taiwan in an exhibition, connecting Chiayi at the west and Hualien at the east. Such exhibition showed visitors how abundant the local cultures and products are. The topic of 2021 CET is “Supermicros.” In fact, the Expo emphasized that craftsmen and experts from all walks of life, who believe in and have confidence in fruits from daily hard work, gathered here, just like Supermicros. The 2021 CET only built a stage for talents to shine together during the 10-day exhibition, allowing visitors to bring home different experiences and inspirations. For the business exhibitions, overseas buyers couldn’t come to Taiwan due to the still severe pandemic. Therefore, we built many live-streaming rooms, and worked as the bridge between overseas buyers and domestic business exhibitors to help businesses display products and negotiate cooperation deals via the live-streaming rooms. There is no standard answer to the topic Supermicros, and everyone has his/her own interpretation. A grand exposition brings about more than just one voice. Various praise and criticism were given during and after the exhibition, letting us see the discussion and critical thinking of the society. This is what we expected to see and also the power of Taiwanese culture that is worth cherishing. As a grand cultural and creative exposition held by the authority, the 2021 CET shoulders the government’s policies and the public’s expectations. It has always been more than just business. We worked hard to combine business exhibitions and curatorial exhibitions and to decide appropriate proportions of the two. Perhaps some people thought the proportions were just right, while some felt that the exposition was biased towards certain type of exhibition. We welcome all thoughts and advice, which will help us make the CET liked and accepted by more Taiwanese people. We thank the curators, partners, business exhibitors and visitors who followed the COVID-19 prevention measures and waited patiently for the entrance, and we appreciate every Instagram post sharing, every Facebook message and your praise and criticism, all of which are like one and another light spot forming the power driving the CET to move forward. Looking into the next ten years, the CET welcomes participants from all walks of life. We invite you to think what your ideal CET will be like. Let’s make the CET an exposition that best represents the Taiwanese culture and creativity!


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